House Call Computing

    Thank you for coming to the home of House Call Computing. HCC was originally thought of a few years ago when I was working for a computer shop and noticed that quite a few customers hated the thought of bringing their computers anywhere. They hated having to unplug everything. They hated having to move the thing. They especially hated having to try to reconnect everything when they brought it back home.

    I have changed computer repair by making it so easy. Now instead of trying to figure out what cable plugs in where and what that odd smell is, you just sit back and watch as I do it.

    House Call Computing is a side business of mine done when I am not at work at the IT department of the county library. I work on both Windows and Mac computers, and can even do a bit with Linux. I am a specialist in networking both home and office and I know servers small and large. Whether you need help with that new HD video camera interfacing with iMovie, or you need a workstation added to your Windows Server domain, I can help you.

    My general availability is Monday and Thursday mornings and Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. If you have a need that is out of that range, please contact me and see if we can make other arrangements. Feel free to use the Help Desk system to see if perhaps your issue can be resolved without the need for a service call.

    To contact me, please call (574) 387-3871 or email me at rob at housecallcomputing dot com. You can also use the Help Desk. Be sure to also hit "Like" on the Facebook page and follow me on Twitter, where I put up computer related news and tips.

    Both this site and the Help Desk are optimized for mobile devices as well as a desktop computer, so be sure to bookmark them on your phone! Check the blog for news and specials.

    To make things easier on my customers, I am now able to take credit card payments through my phone using Square. Business checks are accepted, and of course cash is accepted with 2 forms of ID.